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Bella's and Chloe's Picture Pages

This site is for our two beautiful kittens, Bella and Chloe. Bella is our rescued calico and Chloe is a Siamese mix. Read on for their stories...

Wow, it's been a few months! Had a career change and a couple of big moves and the kitties have survived it all! Bella and Chloe are doing very well and currently at the in-laws's house. I haven't seen them since December but I'll be able to go visit them in a couple weeks. Come April we'll have our last move and the kitties will be living with us permanently again. They weigh a good 10 pounds now and have a lot of friends to play with. Thanks for everyone that keeps checking back with the site. It'll probably be a while before I can get more pictures up but they'll be on here sooner or later!

May 8, 2003
Today Rich found some abandoned kitties while he was working and we decided to bring this little guy home with us. He's probably about 7 days old. We actually don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet, but we've been told it'll be easier to tell with time. Sure is a cutie though!


May 11, 2003

It's a Girl! I did some research on the Internet and found out that 99% of calico cats are girls. We decided to name her Bella, which means beautiful in Italian. She loves to eat and she's growing before our eyes. Bella likes to climb and has even started purring!


May 12, 2003

Bella had a big day today! We went to the vet this morning because we couldn't get her to go number two. The vet "unclogged" her and now she's good to go. Then tonight Rich was playing with her and she started to pee on her own! (Newborns usually need help to go.) I'm going to buy some carpet cleaner tomorrow, because she hasn't opened her eyes so she won't be able to find her way to a litter box. I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a lot of time cleaning up after her!


May 13, 2003

Bella sure can move! She's a speedy little thing despite her size.  She's developed a habit of sucking on my fingers after she finishes her meal.  When I took her to the vet yesterday I told him how much she was eating and he called her a little piggy!


May 14, 2003

Bella's such a sleepy head! But as soon as she wakes up she lets us know! I didn't know little kitties could make so much noise. Bella's eyes are starting to open. Hopefully they'll open all the way tomorrow so she can see her new mommy and daddy for the first time.


May 16, 2003

Bella's eyes are finally open. I don't think she can see very well though. It will probably take her a couple days to get adjusted to her new eyes. Here's her favorite toy. She loves to cuddle with it.


May 17, 2003

Bella loves to play with her daddy. He was laying on the floor and called to her and she ran to him as fast as her little legs would carry her.


May 19, 2003

Bella loves to lounge while she eats. What a pampered kitty! When she's done eating we definitely know it because she'll pull away from the bottle and just sit there like she's too full to even move.


May 20, 2003

Our nickname for our fur-daughter is Belly because after she's done eating her belly grows to twice it's normal size. It looks like she swalled an apple whole!


May 21, 2003

Bella getting brushed by her daddy. She just loves the attention.


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